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Why Spain?

Unlike Italy, it is quite an easy place to live (stated from experience), though not nearly as easy as the US to live in many, many ways. But it is most definitely a simpler life, and if that is what you are looking for, this is the place. Still relatively inexpensive as compared to the rest of Europe, with lax rules and many “workarounds” to get what you need, it’s a place full of history, culture, tradition and acceptance of all walks of life.

You’ll have to adapt, need to learn at the very least minimal Spanish to get by (as I like to tell my visiting friends from California, “this ain’t Mexico”, meaning-don’t expect people to speak English!) and advanced Spanish to fit in and live comfortably. And if you are patient–a very important trait to have here–and ready to really experience a culture that not only appreciates but holds sacred life’s simple pleasures you will find yourself in paradise.

Why the Spain Expat Blog?

What was a three month visit turned into something much longer…I’ve been in Spain six and ahalf years so far and have been through all the trials and tribulations of establishing myself here.

I hope with this focused blog, I can provide a resource for those wanting to make the transition to Spain in general and Barcelona in particular–short or long term–to help make that move as smooth as possible.

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