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Dental work in Spain – Do I dare?

Posted on 11 June 2015 by American expat!


I need to get some chipped teeth fixed.

I ask for recommendations and receive a few.

I make an appointment with one that seems good.

The receptionist looks like she brushes her teeth with tobacco.

The dentist is about 30 and has a rotten front tooth.

This is someone who is supposed to make my teeth look perfect.

I hightail it out of there just as soon as the dentist leaves the room.

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  1. Bicoastal Chica Says:

    Hey there,
    I’m not sure who you’re getting your dentist recommendations from, but I think you should investigate more dentists before writing them all off. I think you got a very scary Franco era dentist. No doubt you were turned off. Trust me there are really good dentists in Spain.

    I live half of the year in NYC and the other half in Spain. I have ALL my dental work done on Spain. Not only has the care been better, but I’ve also saved literally thousands compared to what an average priced dentist charges in NYC. I don’t know where you are located but if you live in Zaragoza, I can refer you to an excellent dentist. Good luck, and don’t throw in the towel yet!

  2. American expat! Says:

    She couldn’t have been more than 30 years old, so she certainly wasn’t a Franco era dentist. Though her education probably was, and that’s the problem. I have heard that good dentists exist and that is because they go to the US to get practical training and not just theoretical.

  3. American@home Says:

    You do really believe we have great dentists here in US!… and while you might not be entirely wrong; however, the best ones are educated elsewhere and imported to US.

  4. American expat! Says:

    Educated where? I know that the dentists in eastern Europe are very good.

  5. Mia Young Says:

    I find dental is good here in Spain.

  6. Amber Says:

    Bicostal Chica, Where are the best dentists in Zaragoza? I want to get Invisalign.

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