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A Tip for Your Next Move

Posted on 28 April 2010 by American expat!

Should you find yourself moving across town, here is a helpful tip:

Try to hire a car that is NOT the smallest in the world. Say, one that fits more than a bag and a pair of sneakers in it.

This will save much driving back and forth between residences and avoid the multiple frustrations of one way streets and incomprehensible traffic signs that flow traffic in ever tighter circles around your destination, but that never lead to your destination.

It will also save 100 bicycle trips across town for the person who does not fit in the car.

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  1. VFR Dan Says:

    Surely there was some advantage to this little car. Did not all the clowns help you carry things into your new place?

  2. rebelpacket Says:

    Thats not a car. Its a motorcycle with too many wheels and too much bodywork.

  3. American expat! Says:

    Oh Dan. The clowns headed straight for the nearest bar as soon as the doors opened. All 25 of them. They were too far gone to make it up the three flights of stairs to my place (there is no elevator).

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