New to Spain?

Thinking about moving to Spain?

If you are still considering a move here, preparing for your transition, or expatriating to anywhere else for that matter, you have many questions about what life will be like when you arrive to your decided destination.

Maybe you are here as a student, maybe you came here for love or to create a new life abroad-whatever your motivation, there are a few things you are going to need to take care of first. The most difficult thing you will encounter as a new comer is finding a place to live. Get set up with your short term accommodation and then get to work deciding where to live.

You might be nervous to move here, perhaps without knowing a single soul – but Barcelona is so full of travelers, expats and visiting students that it’s an easy place to find friends and get situated. Check the first five things you must do upon arrival to get yourself transitioned as quickly as possible and meet some friends.

Already here?

You’ve got a place to live, a bank account and you’ve almost certainly had a few brazen and very late nights out, maybe met a few newcomers or locals if you are lucky…but now it is time to get down to business.

You have to support yourself somehow (if you are not a student, or maybe even if you are), and that means finding a job.