Student Visas through Part Time Language School

Anyone can get a student visa, at any age. If you want to stay in Spain for an extended periods of time and need to learn or improve your Spanish, then a student visa is the way to go.

I’ve lived in Barcelona for seven years and researched all of the language schools here, in fact I have attended seven of them myself. I’ve also hired one on one private lessons on two separate occasions from two different sources. I have seven friends who teach English in language schools and am acquainted with plenty more. I know about learning languages here, in fact, I know much more than was useful to me alone.

So after many emails from readers asking for recommendations, I thought I would share my own conclusion and write about my number one recommendation for a language school. (NOTE: While I have not created a scientific study complete with efficacy tests for how well students learn, I can attest to having thoroughly researched, gone through a visa application, and attended this particular program. And I would do it again.)

I am going to recommend two schools. One is the best value in Barcelona and the other is what I consider to be the best school, though it is expensive. I am sure they do student visas but I did not research a long term visa there myself.