Daily Life

The Endless Dinner

I just can’t get used to the phenomenon here in Spain that is the Endless Dinner. It’s quite normal to meet at 8pm for dinner and to still be seated at the table at 12:30am. Actually, those hours are more usually 9:30pm and 2am if it is the weekend. Of course, all throughout dinner there will […]

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Daily Life

Why so late?

My friends and family (those who have not visited Spain) are bewildered when they call and find me just sitting down to dinner at 10pm. I assure them that this is 1) standard in Spain, and 2) that I’m not trying to conform to any kind of Spanish timetable. Because 10pm feels about right for […]

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Daily Life

An open letter to building contractors in Spain

Dear Spanish contractors of today: I appreciate that you understand that humans, for the most part (though I can think of a few exceptions), do not like living in cold, dark, airless cave-like dwellings.  I don’t know why this escaped your ancestors who built the antique dwellings that pass for apartments here, but evidently it […]

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Daily Life

City dogs

It’s 9PM and I’m in the pijo part of the city center, waiting for friends. Because I am actually on time–which in Barcelona is early–I am the only one to have yet arrived for dinner. It is a nice night, so I  wait outside and watch a group of dog owners gathered for some evening […]

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Daily Life

No tacos here

Due to the fact that a third of Americans and even Canadians I encounter through work don’t even know that Spain is in Europe (link is to a personal blog but I ranted about this very subject one day), I have taken to stating that I live in Barcelona, Spain and add that it is […]

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Expat Interview: Lisette on Teaching English

Posted on 03 July 2014

This is the first in a series of interviews with fellow American expats, where I ask them the questions that my readers ask me. In this interview, I talk with Lisette about teaching English as a non-EU resident. I hope ya’ll find it helpful and informative. How difficult is it to find a company that […] Continue Reading

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Spanish Celebrations

La Diada de Sant Jordi

Posted on 24 April 2014

Yesterday was the festival of Sant Jordi, celebrating the patron saint of Catalunya wherein people gift each other either a rose or a book. All over town, there are book stalls and flower stands set up on every corner, and in the city of Barcelona, there is a festival on the Rambla de Raval. This long plaza is […] Continue Reading

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Coworking in Spain

Posted on 08 September 2013

If you find yourself in Europe, working independently in whatever profession and thus working from a “home office”, you might find yourself in the same position as me: Easily distracted in your “home office” constantly taking a quick break to do laundry, play with the cat, clean the windows, take out the recycling, run to […] Continue Reading

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Open Letters

Stop with the winter already….

Posted on 02 March 2013

Dear Spain, So…yesterday as I was running through what I thought was a break in the rain, actual hail ricocheted off my uncovered skull. I arrived to the cafe where I was meeting with my friend with wet hair and mascara blobs sitting on my lashes, because I use this kind of mascara that makes […] Continue Reading

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The cost of living question – answered!

Posted on 09 February 2013

About once a month in the winter and once a week during the 3 other seasons, I receive a question regarding the cost of living in Barcelona, usually in the form of: “What do you think is the minimum someone needs to earn per month to live comfortably in Barcelona?” Sometimes there is more to it, […] Continue Reading

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The average work day in Spain

Posted on 03 February 2013

The average work day in Spain is negotiating its way between tradition–when no air conditioning existed, the country was poor, and business was 99% local–and the present day, which sees multinational corporations making Spain their home and the technology industry pulling the old corporate culture into the global economy. This means people work long hours, […] Continue Reading

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