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Expat Life: Not Always A Smooth Ride!

Posted on 19 September 2013 by American expat!

There is an interesting and clever infographic going around looking at the major challenges with expat life around the world.

I particularly identify with the final point, Sense of Humor – I know my personality does not come across here (a good thing?) because so much of American humor is based on cultural references: Movie lines, ridiculous celebrities, news stories, subcultural references, TV and commercial references, product references…the list goes on. Image if ALL of that was gone from your repertoire of funny. Superimpose that on a top of a totally different culture of humor, one in which you are usually lost, a different language (point 9) and what you get is loneliness (point 7) and occasional homesickness (point 5)!

Expat Life: Not Always A Smooth Ride!
Expat Life: Not Always A Smooth Ride! – An infographic by the team at Overs


Which points do YOu most related to?

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  1. Barry O´Leary Says:

    What a great article. I’ve been in Sevilla for 8 years, so guess I’m a master. I agree with most of those points. I suffer from homesickness sometimes and worry about the economy, but the big one for me is sense of humour. So glad that I work in a school with other Brits or I would go barmy! Great article, about to tweet it now. Thanks

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