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An open letter to girls in Barcelona

Posted on 23 January 2011 by American expat!


Dear 20-something girls in Barcelona:

Hello there girls, you all don’t know me but I see you every day. In fact I see a little too much of all of you. because, well, it seems you are forgetting to put you skirt on before you leave the house.  Your stylish sweater, fancy leather jacket, scarf, and sometimes even a sassy hat all look great together. And the leggings too, the leggings would be perfect – if you wore them as leggings.

You see, those leggings, they are not pants. They are meant to be worn with something over them. It doesn’t matter if you pair them with a knee or even thigh high pair of boots, we aren’t looking at your legs. See, those leggings, they are slightly sheer.  So when I, and every student in the classroom or stranger on the street you traipse past turns their head to look at you, it isn’t because we all think you are especially cute or fancy. It’s because the glow of your white butt cheek is shining right through those “pants”.  It’s especially disturbing to all of us on the Metro when you are standing and we are seated, so said ass cheek is right at eye level. And sometimes that cheek is less than smooth. It’s disturbing.

Your friends would all be fired, except they are guilty of the same crime.

Also, not sure if you noticed, but even if your leggings are black, we can see all the details (shape, size, pattern, color, lace, bows…) of the underwear you are wearing, or if you are going commando. So,just a friendly word of advice- next time you wear your “pants” with no underwear and a short sweater, you may want to a get a wax first. Just sayin’.

Thanks for not taxing anyone’s imagination,

Leggings are not pants

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  1. rebelpacket Says:

    I would think it would be awfully cold in those pants leggings. Another great European style tip!

  2. TobyUK Says:

    Oh how tiresome that Americans have to preach their morality especially when it is deeply flawed. Freedom has many facets not least fashion and the freedom to choose what you wear. I could go on about your narrow minded ness but for the benefit of other readers and balance of this article – Barcelona girls wear what you like, and how you like too wear it. Leggings are wonderful easy to wear practical and comfortable and inexpensive – wear them anyway you like with heels, flats or boots, under skirts, pants, shorts or on their own, opaque or sheer, with or without underwear or anything else. Thanks 🙂

  3. American expat! Says:

    Hi Toby,
    Just so you know, I am an atheist. So not really preaching much of anything here. Just letting the girls know they look like they forgot their skirts.

    K, thanks.

  4. Xavier Says:

    It IS kind of trashy…but I do enjoy the view!

  5. Samara Says:

    I like your post and i have the same opinion moreover I’m spanish. sorry for my grammar.

  6. Patti Says:

    It’s not morality, TobyUK, it’s hilarity we express. It is simply hilarious to see someone walking about public places with not much more than a sprayed on thickness of pants covering their lower half! It sends me into spasms of laughter no matter how shapely the person may be!

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