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Spanish red tape

Posted on 12 February 2012 by American expat!

One of the most frustrating things about living here are the hurdles (aka red tape) the Spanish bureaucracy forces you to jump through.

Spain is world famous for this, and if you have been reading this blog, you will have a taste of what I am talking about.

I ran across a video last year the perfectly sums up the attitude and behavior of the government workers who you will come face to face with. Rather than detail how they seem to take it upon themselves, for whatever reason, to make it as difficult as possible for you to get what you need as far as visas, identity cards, changing your status–all of which always need to be done before you will be allowed to do something else–here is a fantastic video that portrays someone who knows what they are up against coming face to face with a government worker!



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  1. bnann Says:

    I often hear this from expats living in Spain. While obviously this is true for you (my own experience has been mostly from very efficient and helpful – dealing with my tax office, town hall, police, etc. to some redtape at times), what you may not realise is the amount of redtape a foreigner in your own country has to go through.

    I have lived in the UK (a total and absolute nightmare), my immediate family has dealt with living in Germany – another weird ball game- and many friends who live temp or permanently in the US.

    People often do not realise that 1) how much redtape there maybe for foreigners in your own country 2) your own redtape may not look like that to you because you are familiar with it but maybe a nightmare for someone not used to the system.

  2. Franklin Says:

    I can’t view the video. “This video contains content from AdRev publishing, AdRev for a 3rd Party and Arte, one or more of whom have blocked it in your country on copyright grounds”

    Viewing from USA 🙁

  3. American expat! Says:

    I’ve just posted a new link to the video, see if it works for you now!

  4. Franklin Says:

    Thank you! The video works now 🙂

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